T H E  B R I E F

Artful Venture is an online marketplace created to empower the creativity and originality of artists. With a strong passion to consume consciously and support the artistically ambitious, we feature artists from around the world and provide marketing and aid in unique sales through our website. We are on a mission to bring the value of art back into the retail industry!

To further Artful Venture's support of the arts, every purchase directly empowers the next generation of artists and creative thinkers. Our nonprofit partner, Fundación Arte del Mundo, promotes literacy, creative expression, and a love of the arts through a free after-school program in Baños, Ecuador. For every Artful Venture product sold, we donate 5% of the proceeds directly to Arte del Mundo.

S U P P O R T I N G  T H E  C A U S E

After volunteering with Arte del Mundo for two months in 2013, it was clear how we could make a sustainable impact with the foundation. We witnessed the tight budget that Arte del Mundo is faced with each month, creating limited resources for the children's art projects. When we left, we wanted to ensure that this foundation was able to continue challenging the creative minds of their students for years to come. Thus, we developed our partnership to help financially sustain Arte del Mundo's creative impact to the local youth of Baños, Ecuador! 

Read more and volunteer with Arte Del Mundo here. 

W H Y  C R E A T I V I T Y  A N D  T H E  A R T S ?

Children living in Baños, Ecuador, do not have access to artistic programs while in school. The school system does not even provide books for entertainment to encourage creativity through literature! Recent studies have proven that students who participate in the arts are four-times more likely to excel in academia, and are more confident about their future ability to succeed in life. Therefore, Fundación Arte del Mundo helps the children of Ecuador develop their creativity for a brighter future. We feel very fortunate to have experienced the children's creative development first hand, and are confident that each donation will directly benefit Arte del Mundo's students. 

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